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Multilevel Analysis

Multilevel Instruction Videos

This page contains instruction video’s that accompany the book of Joop Hox, “Multilevel Analysis: Techniques and Applications” (2009). We show how you can reproduce some of the examples from the book using various software packages. Data files that are used in the example are included in 3 formats: SPSS (.sav), CSV and Tab Delimited (.txt). In the video’s the SPSS files are used. Questions or comments about the video’s can be sent tothe maintainer.

Chapter2: Popularity Data

Covered in this example:

  • Importing SPSS data into the software
  • Building a simple 2-level model
  • Adding or removing random slopes and errors
  • Adding a cross-level interaction term


These videos were made in 2009 and are now a couple of years old. Some things might have changed in the software packages.
Also, the quality of the videos is not as high as what we are used to these days, and some of the videos do not include audio.